I consider myself highly self motivated and doing things based on trust. I love staying at home and living as a geek. I enjoy watching things I build to grow day by day, and I especially enjoy building any thing involving visual and imagination. I have help my company build 2 Internet websites and 3 intranet ones for internal usage. I also joined a team to build a hybrid app. I can also do some nodejs or Java or even SQL if needed. When I have free time, I often pick a fantasy book to read. Let's work together to make the world a better place, I'm the guy who worth giving a chance to trust!


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    Remote Web Fontend Developer

     —    6 months

    Modan Technology build home entertainment products and develop tv console games, aiming to provide Chinese family enjoyable tv interactive experience. We are striving to be the majoy player in tv console in mainland China, importing as well as developing good console games!

    • Solo Write web pages to implement designer/product manager's idea using angularjs. Since I'm the only frontend developer, I do all the staffs including choosing the framework, analyzing the requirements/design, separating application logic states and ui layers, coding in HTML JavaScript and sass, keeping code clean and maintainable etc.
    • Write everyday gulp tasks to improve productivity and everyday build task for rapid/agile testing developing cycle.
    • Study and use new things to improve productivity, as well as modularity.
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    Web Fontend Developer

     —    a year

    Yonyou offers a wide range of management software products for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources (HR), Business Intelligence (BI) and Office Automation (OA). It also develops vertical industry solutions for e-Government, finance and asset management. Holder of CMM Level 5 and ISO 9002 certifications, UFIDA also provides software-related services such as software outsourcing for customers worldwide.

    • Write desktop web pages using jQuery, 4 men team. Our team was using UI component written by ourself, I write a dialog and a drawdown button. And help build several pages using our components.
    • Write hybrid mobile app using backbonejs and Cordova, 3 men team. We are using bootstrap as UI. The app contains 4 tabs and I write one, as well as using grunt to automate tasks including preprocessing, livereloading, everyday building tasks etc. I also do some performance tuning, but not much.
    • Introduce new libs to improve productivity
    • Help the Architect build a demo software as the showcase to demonstrate how awesome angularjs is.
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    Android Developer

     —    10 months

    • Solo build highly customized Android app for our customer, a driving school, to manage everyday routine task, ignite the car engine, record the time doing teaching, record video and audio in the couching car, etc.
    • maintain the software for about 4 months, fix subtle bugs and add new features.
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    Java Developer

     —    9 months

    • Help build 2 website backend using Java, 6 men team. I also write some webpage using jQuery even though I was doing Java backend at that time.
    • Solo build a reporting system, heavily using SQL, to visualize the statistical significant aspects of users' spending, aggregate data to show the places and times our users most likely to spend there money, etc.


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    Math, StatisticsBachelor

     —    5 years

    University of Science and Technology of China

    • Introduction to C
    • Basic Algorithm and Data Structure
    • Many Math Related Cources


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    Web Frontend Development Master

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • nodejs
    • Angularjs
    • jQuery
    • React
    • gulp,grunt
    • sass,less
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    Web Server Side Basic

    • Java
    • nodejs
    • SQL
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    Concept Familiar

    • REST
    • TDD
    • maintenance
    • object-oriented
    • Unix philosophy
    • modularity
    • agile


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    • Math
    • Computing
    • Physics
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    • Soccer
    • Basketball
    • Running
    • Bodybuild
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    • Music
    • Movie
    • Viedogames


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    ChineseNative Speaker

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    Englishgood at reading and writing and listening, ok at speaking